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As the proud owner of a shrink wrapper we all know that there are consumable parts that need to be replaced on regular occasions. Because our company does not just deal with one supplier of shrink wrapper we do supply parts for all different types and makes of shrink wrapper. Many of the day to day maintenance issues can be dealt with by the machine operator with our assistance. We are quite happy to talk you through basic part replacement techniques so that you do not incur unnecessary call out/engineering costs

If you have an L Sealer we have stocks of sealing wire, silicone sponge, seal blades, PTFE tape and silirit strips for Sleeve Sealers we also stock blades, silicon pads, PTFE tape etc etc. we also stock Shrink Tunnel components such as rollers, motors, fans etc etc We can also have manufactured all types of Ejection belts and heating elements just to name a few bespoke items for your shrink wrapper. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for as our engineers are very well trained in all aspects of the shrink wrapper and advice is free! You should replace all consumable parts on your shrink wrapper regularly as this prolongs the life of your shrink machinery. We can also provide annual service contracts from as little as £250 per year, this entitles you to two service visits per year and also discounted prices on shrink film and consumables. Or you can book a one off service on all makes and types of shrink wrapper, during these visits consumables will be replaced as part of the service.

If requested we will send parts out on a nextday delivery basis. To reduce the chances of incurring downtime, we recommend regular preventative maintenance service contract visits. These contracts not only ensure immediate attendance to breakdowns as a priority over non contract customers, it also substantially reduces labour charges to you. This will also lengthen the working life of your shrink wrapper, thus reducing your capital expenditure requirement.

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